FOX MILL SWIM CLUB. Ltd. Operating Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all members and their guests. They are designed to assure safe and sanitary operation of your Club’s facilities, particularly the swimming and wading pools, and in many instances, are based on requirements prescribed by county ordinances. Members are responsible for instructing their children and guests to observe all rules and regulations and to obey all instructions of the pool manager and lifeguards. Continued failure to comply with these rules shall be considered sufficient cause for suspension of privileges as specified in the bylaws of your Club.

Situations not specifically covered in these rules and regulations shall be acted upon by the Board of Directors to provide definition to the membership. The Board of Directors is also empowered to amend, add or delete rules for the good of the membership.


1. Each member of the pool shall check in with the lifeguard at the desk in order to gain admission to the pool. Members will not be admitted unless a current picture is on file with the guard. 

2. All children 10 years and Under be supervised by an adult (16 or older) while in the pool area of the club. Non-supervision of children is grounds for removal from the premises of both child and person responsible for same. 

3. Children between 11 to 13 years of age (i.e., in their 11th birth year but have not reached their 13th birthday) may swim unaccompanied in the pool, provided they have passed the basic swimming test. A log of the swimming test will be kept by the guards and the board may designate some means by which children can demonstrate their “passed” status (ie: bracelet, badge, etc). Children will be re-tested every year until they’ve reached their 13th birthday.

4. A parent or guardian must complete an authorization form if their children will be coming to the pool under the supervision of a child care provider (babysitter). The sitter must be familiar with pool rules, a competent swimmer, and a reliable person. A baby-sitter, 14 years or older, may supervise a maximum of three children. Members are responsible for the conduct of their children who attend the pool accompanied by a baby-sitter, as well as for the conduct of the selected baby-sitter. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the pool management has an accurate phone number to reach the parents or authorized individuals.


1. Guests of members are welcome and will be admitted to the pool if they are accompanied by a Club member. Members shall be responsible for guest’s behavior while they are on the Club’s property. 

2. All guests shall sign the registration sheet as well as the member whom they are accompanying. 

3. INACTIVE MEMBER INVITATION: Check if guest is listed on the INACTIVE MEMBER list. If so mark a one next to the name on that list and tell the guest they can come one more time unless their family becomes active members. THE POOL HAS INVITED INACTIVE MEMBER FAMILIES VISITS BY TWO INDIVIDUALS OF THE FAMILY.

4. Cost:

a. No charge or list check for under 3 years old. 

b. Parents and Grandparents of members – no charge.

c. $3.00 fee for all other guests.

d. Guest books of 10 passes for $25

5. Out of town guests visiting for extended period may be extended pool use following a letter to the Board.


The pool manager, or assistant manager on duty, and lifeguards shall enforce the rules in a fair and equitable manner and will at all times seek to deal with the Club members and their guests with discretion and courtesy. 

However, the pool manager or assistant manager shall have the authority to temporarily exclude any person, whomsoever, including adult supervisory personnel, from the use of the Club or its facilities if such action is necessary for either the safety or the other members of the Club or the person involved or to maintain peace, dignity and compliance with the rules of the Club. The pool manager may upon written petition to the Club, or its duly authorized officers, move for the suspension of any member’s rights upon good cause shown and compliance with the bylaws of said Club. 

Penalties for individual members violating these rules after benching are as follows: 

  • 1st violation: 24-hour automatic suspension of all pool privileges. Enforcement is by the lifeguards. Parents of children less than 13 years old are notified. 
  • 2nd violation: One (1) week suspension of all pool privileges enforced by the pool manager and reported to the Board of Directors. 
  • 3rd violation: One (1) month suspension of all pool privileges–enforced by the Board of Directors. The parent and/or member will be advised in writing by the Board of Directors. 
  • 4th violation: Loss of all pool privilege for the remainder of the season–enforced by the Board of Directors. The parent and /or member will be advised in writing by the Board of Directors. 


1. The pool manager (or assistant manager on duty) and lifeguards are in full charge of the pool and are authorized to enforce the Club’s rules for safety and sanitation. The pool manager on duty shall have authority to close the pool area in the interest of health and safety when weather or other conditions dictate. Members and guests shall not question the authority of the lifeguards or attendants. All complaints shall be made to the pool manager or assistant manager on duty. 

2. No person shall use the pool facilities unless the pool is officially open and lifeguards are on duty. 

3. Any person who has a skin disease, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes or any communicable disease, or who is wearing any kind of bandage will not be permitted in the pool. 

4. Persons having open cuts, blisters, etc., are warned that these are apt to become infected and are advised not to use the pool. 

5. Blowing the nose and any other unsanitary actions in the pool is prohibited. 

6. All persons shall stay clear of lifeguard stands. 

7. Articles of food, including candy and soft drinks, are permitted. No consumption is allowed at the water’s edge. 

8. No glass or ceramic containers of any kind are allowed in the pool area at any time. 

9. No chewing gum or chewing tobacco is allowed in the pool area. 

10. All smoking relating products to include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic smoking products are prohibited in the pool facility which consists of the fenced-in area, the sidewalk entrance and parking lot. Violators will be asked to leave.

11. Break: A rest period of fifteen minutes of each hour will be called. All persons under sixteen (16) years of age shall leave the pool and rest until the rest period has been terminated by the pool manager or lifeguards. Children 3 and under will be allowed to swim with a parent during the rest period. During break, lap lane swimmers are given preference.

12. Running, pushing, wrestling, ball playing, or causing undue disturbances or performing actions which are considered by the manager to be detrimental to the health or safety of members or their guests are prohibited in the pool area, except that, at the discretion of the manager, ball playing may be permitted. 

13. Life preservers of all types, swim masks, and swim fins, are permitted in the main pool area. Innertubes and snorkels are prohibited. Children in self-contained flotation devices (i.e. swimmies, swim vests) must be attended by a responsible person at a reasonable distance. 

14. Any person unable to demonstrate to the lifeguards his/her ability to pass the basic swimming test are not permitted in water beyond chest deep. Children 8 and over who cannot pass the test must have adult supervision. 

To pass a swim test a child must: 

a. Swim a full and non-stop (continuous) length of the pool. The stroke must be a freestyle or breaststroke. No treading or dog-paddle while breathing. The stroke should be continuous. We want a fairly strong stroke.

b. Tread water for a one minute period. 

15. All persons shall stay clear of the ladders and steps except when entering or leaving the pool. 

16. No pets of any kind will be permitted in the pool area.

18. Rules having a specific application to children: 

a. Pool Area- No small children will be permitted in pool area in diapers unless also wearing tight-fitting protective pants. This includes wearing paper diapers. 

b. Main Pool-Children up to eight who have not passed the swimming test must have an accompanying adult, 14 or older, supervising within a reasonable distance at all times while in the pool. 

c. Wadinq Pool-Only children under six years of age are permitted in the wading pool, except those children so authorized by the manager. Persons supervising such children are permitted in the wading pool. 

Small, safe water toys are permitted in the wading pool subject to the approval of the pool manager. 

Children using the wading pool shall not be left unattended. 

19. Diving Rules: 

a. Only one person will be permitted on the diving board or the ladder at a time. 

b. No one shall dive from the board until the previous diver has cleared the area below and reached the ladder. 

c. Dives shall be in a forward direction only. This does not prohibit standard dives which are made facing the board. 

d. Horseplay on the diving board is strictly prohibited. This includes repeated jumping up and down on the end of the board. 

e. Divers, upon surfacing, shall swim out of the diving area as quickly as possible. 

f. Face masks are not permitted when diving. 

g. Diving from the concrete deck on the side of the pool into the diving area is prohibited without prior lifeguard approval. 

h. If no one is using the diving board, the pool staff may allow the diving well to be used for recreational purposes other than diving. The diving board can be reopened by pool staff in the best interest of safety, or when someone wants to dive.

i. Floatation devices are prohibited from the diving well at all times.

j. Balls and projectiles are prohibited from being thrown to divers off the board.


1. No playing catch with the basketball in the pool. 

2. No dribbling the ball on the deck.

3. Pool guards will house one or more board-approved basketballs in the office to be released for play upon their discretion.

4. Such balls are to be clearly identified as property of FMSC and only they are permitted for basketball play.

5. Any basketballs brought to the pool will be confiscated by the Guards and returned when the member signs out.

6. Only one ball is permitted to be in play at a time.

7. Guards will remove a ball from play upon their discretion. 


1. ONE PERSON is allowed on the slide at a time. 

2. Go down the slide on your back only, FEET FIRST. 

3. Flotation devices and pool toys – including the basketball- are prohibited on the slide. 

4. Make sure the bottom is clear before you go down. 

5. The bottom of the slide is to be kept free of obstructions at all times.

6. When going down the slide do not stop or stall. Go all the way down.

7. Except during break, the slide is open only to children who can swim from point of entry to the ladder.

If you cannot obey these rules, you may be asked to leave the pool, and/or be sent home for the remainder of the day. 


1. Members and guests shall drive slowly (no faster than 10 MPH) and carefully on driveway and parking lot. Members and guests are not to park on Viking Drive, Otsego Drive, or in the driveway. Vehicles are not to be left overnight in the parking lot.

2. The Club will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. 

3. The cost of any damage to Club property caused willfully or as a result of failure to obey the operational rules and regulations will be charged to the responsible member of the Club and will be charged to the sponsoring member if the person responsible for the damage is a guest. 

4. All bicycle riders are to ride carefully and shall use the area designated for the parking of bicycles. 

5. All refuse shall be placed in containers. 

6. Abusive, offensive, or profane language is prohibited on the Club’s property. 

7. Battery-operated personal radios and recorders are permitted but shall be operated at sound levels which are not offensive or disturbing to other members or guests in the immediate area. 

8. The operating rules and regulations may be revised as required by the Board of Directors. 

9. Members may petition in writing to the Board of Directors for any deviation to these operating rules. 

10. Only guards are permitted in the lifeguard’s office. 


1. A $25 deposit is required and is refundable if clean up is done thoroughly by the host.

2. Limit of 15 attendees

3. Begin party no later than 4:00 PM.

4. Long tables can be used in wading pool area.

5. Maximum 3 tables in main area. Place a reserved sign for the start time on table.

6. No more than two parties – one wading area and one main area – at anytime.

7. No parties on Viking Drive side of the pool.


Written suggestions relating to improving the operation of the Club facilities are invited and should be delivered to the manager on duty, or to the Chairman of the Operations Committee. 

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