The Fox Mill Swim and Tennis Club will begin Phase 3 operations starting tomorrow Wednesday, July 1 for normal hours, 11 AM-9 PM.  The board will monitor the usage of the pool to determine the need for reservations.

We will also be open for early morning swim Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6 AM – 7:45 AM effective June 15  (no more than 3 people allowed per lane, must be 10 feet distanced as per guidelines/regulations).

At this time, we hope to not have to set times, or reservations during Phase 3. We would ask that members come and stay for a maximum time of 2 hours only per day.  In an effort to determine whether we are at full capacity easily, we propose to try 2 things.
1.  You may call the guard office at 703-860-5540 and ask how many people are there currently.
2.  We will try to post a red flag that can be seen from the street to indicate we are full. 

We will monitor the overall usage of the pool, and should we have to turn people away, we will continue to actively work on policies and methods to allow maximum usage for the membership.

Additional Details

All members must be paid in full and have updated pictures in their MemberSplash account.  

If you are not paid in full, or do not have pictures in MemberSplash, you will not be allowed to enter the facility.

Phase 3 is largely still described as lap swim, with a total capacity of 70 people.

New for phase 3, the Baby Pool will be open by reservation to 1 family at a time.

No more than 3 swimmers per lane, 10 feet apart.

Diving board will be open, although we must remember social distancing.  For this reason we have red X’s on the concrete measured to 10 ft apart.  (Sharks and Minnows and any other games which puts people in close proximity to each other will NOT be permitted.)

Please do not move any chairs or loungers, as they have been set in place per government guidance.  We have placed some sets of loungers together for families to be able to sit together.

Lifeguards will be cleaning all tables and chairs between member use, however, there will also be additional cleaning supplies provided if members choose to do it themselves as well.

As a reminder, if any member of your family has been diagnosed with COVID, or showing any symptoms of COVID (high fever, shortness of breath…) within the last 14 days, please do not enter the pool facility.